Peak 10 Properties Application Process:

– Application processing takes 2-4 business days, contingent on income source and rental history verification.
– Applications processed in order of receipt.
– **Required Documentation:**
– Proof of income
– Photo ID (Passports and visas accepted for non-US citizens)
– Additional documents as specified by Leasing Agent
– **NOTE:** Application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
– We obtain a consumer credit report and criminal background check for all applications.

Peak 10 Properties Rental Qualifications:

– 1 year of verifiable employment or rental history.
– Exceptions may require a co-signer or Last Month Occupancy (LMO).
– Income (pre-tax) should be at least 3x the monthly rent.
– Exceptions may require a co-signer or LMO.
– Evictions in the last 4 years result in automatic denial.
– Credit evaluations are part of the application; favorable credit is preferred.
– Balances over $1,000 owed to previous landlords result in automatic denial.
– Balances under $1,000 may require a co-signer or LMO.
– Open bankruptcy filings may require senior management approval.